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Jai Hind Bro By Grandmaster Shifuji

An Ode To The Nation

Jai Hind Bro by “Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj” is an ode to all the true patriots of the nation. Wearing JHB will give you a sense of pride and belonging to a greater community of people who are wholeheartedly devoted to the nation. We are more than just a trendy clothing brand. Our clothing will amp up your appearance and boost your confidence. We are a united group of men and women that all share love, dedication, and devotion to the country.

Something that connects us all as Indians is our love and devotion to the country. We have immense pride in our hearts for the people who sacrificed their lives in the past and today are sacrificing their peace, way of life, and even their lives giving us the freedom and security we enjoy today. As we express our patriotism in a variety of ways that especially shows up during significant days like Independence Day or Republic Day, don’t we often forget that patriotism is something that is practiced daily, as a constant? We have got a way out, our clothes. It’s what people see when they look at us and gives others a peek into our thoughts and morals.

That’s where the Jai Hind Bro brand by “Grandmaster Shifuji” excels.

A clothing brand that honours and showcases your feelings of patriotism like no other brand ever could.

If you have wished to wear your patriotism with pride, your days of searching are finally over.


The vision we as a brand hold is Complete, to bridge the gap between every citizen of the country so that we stand as one united nation, where everyone works together to make a better tomorrow.


Our mission is to deliver premium quality, reasonably priced, clothing and apparel that you will take pride in. Backing by our patriotic service guarantee, we aim for that you'll always be delighted with our products, our services, our resources, and our love for the nation.